Monday, August 30, 2010

Arriving in Ontario

Well on Sunday I said goodbye to family, friends and boyfriend and flew to Kitchener Ontario. It was very sad. The flight went well. It was alot shorter than I thought; only 4 hours. I've been hanging out at the Jakobsh house for the week. It is really nice to spend some time with them. But I feel a little useless here and guilty that I am not home to help out at the barn and stuff. But on Saturday I fly out to India. I have already met some of the group members that I am travelling with. They were all very nice and down to earth. I think I will get along with all of them just fine for 3 months. I think I have gotten almost everything I need for India. Now I have to fit it all in my backpack. It would be easy if not for the yoga mat I am bringing along. One of the students coming along is a yoga instructor so we will be practicing yoga every morning. I've never done any yoga besides a few times in high school gym class. I'm really looking forward to learning and hope that I will continue yoga when I come home. But first I have to find a way to pack the mat. That is what I will attempt now. Goodnight everyone :)

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