About Me and Going to India

(comign soon)

My name is Kirsti Kober. I am twenty years old and live in Delta BC, Canada. I'm passionate about horse backriding and have a pony of my own. She is a 10 years old POA named Cappuccino. I also enjoy playing guitar and would like to get more involved with photography. My goals for 2011 are to focus on horseback riding and equine studies. I am leaving my parents, sister, boyfriend and friends in September and going to India for 3 months. I am taking a course from the University of Waterloo called Living Traditions in India. I will be travelling with 9 other students along with Dr. Jokobsh and a TA. We will be spending 6 weeks in northern India and 6 in the south. I was so excited to be a part of this group. I know it will be the adventure of a lifetime. The journey will help me to learn about new cultures, religions and communities by actually living among them. I will also observe new perspectives by living with a group of pople i've never met for 3 months. Lastly I will be called to self reflect on my own observations, perspectives, assumptions, bias and understandings. I think I will come home with a new outlook on life.