Thursday, December 2, 2010

Last day in India

I can not believe that I am flying to Canada tonight! I will be in Ontario for the weekend then flying home. The while group has been anxious all day, packing and repacking all the treasures we have picked up along the way. We spent the last four nights at a resort in Malappuram.  We have spent time relaxing and reflecting on our experiences. There is a beach and a small market area near where we are staying. I walked around he beach once but it was very dirty and the salespeople seemed very aggressive. So I spent most of the past few days catching up on school work and taking long naps. It has been raining at least every other day for the past two weeks. It is very odd. In Madurai we stayed at Lady Doak Collage. They had a great guest house and unlimited free Internet access. It was such a treat. We visited a village that one of the professors at the collage has. Her family owns a granite quarry. We visited their village and the quarry. I loved walking around the village with all the children following us. I got some great pictures of their smiling faces and the vivid colors of the village. Canadian winter is going to seem so dull without the bright green fields and the women's colorful saris. I have lots more to write about but it is already dinner time and then we are off to the airport for our 1 am flight. My next post will be from Canada!

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